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Master's Mix - The Ultimate Mushroom Substrate

Master's Mix - The Ultimate Mushroom Substrate

As the demand for gourmet mushrooms continues to grow, the need for effective and efficient growing methods for both amateur and commercial growers is paramount.  With this we have seen a rise in the use of the Master's Mix substrate, a specifically formulated blend developed to support healthy growth.

Originally developed by T.R.Davis from Earth Angel Mushrooms, the Master's Mix has been specifically formulated to provide the ideal environment for mushrooms to thrive and has largely become the go-to choice for growers looking to produce high quality and bountiful yields of gourmet mushrooms.

Containing a blend made from a 50: 50 mix of hardwood sawdust and soya hulls the Master’s Mix helps provide the right nutritional composition, including the proper balance of moisture, nutrition and aeration to support both large and dense clusters, producing high yields.  This is particularly beneficial to wood loving mushrooms including oyster, lion’s mane, chestnut, shimeji and enoki mushrooms.

How to make the Master’s Mix

Weigh Dry Ingredients

Target Feeds Master’s Mix has been carefully prepared for you and contains a 50: 50 ratio of Oak Hardwood Pellets and Soya Hulls


The dry ingredients need to be hydrated to around 60%, to absorb water and break up.  They can either be soaked with cold water overnight to allow the dry ingredients to properly absorb the water, or warm water can be used to help speed up the process if you are short of time.


It is important to sterilise the substrate to help eliminate all contaminants.  To do this pressure sterilize at 15 PSI for 2.5 hours.


Once cooled the substrate can be inoculated with your grain spawn of choice, the aseptic technique if the preferred method.

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