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At Target Feeds our range of mineral premixes are designed specifically to meet the requirements of high yielding dairy, beef and breeding cattle. To help prevent and control hoof problems we also manufacture a Trace Element Footbath to help improve hoof health.


Ruminant 5: General Purpose

A general purpose feed mineral with basic levels of vitamins and trace elements. For use with beef and dairy animals where there are no known nutrient deficiencies.

Ruminant 6: Specialist Precalver

Designed specifically for pre-calving cows, this supplement contains virtually zero calcium with high phosphorus and magnesium levels. Vitamins and trace elements are boosted to ensure all the cows’ requirements are met during this critical time. Vitamins A, D3, and E, as well as manganese, copper and selenium are particularly high to aid the cow at the start of lactation. Also waterproofed to use free access as well as in feed.

Ruminant 7: Universal Mid Phosphorus

This supplement is designed to use in trace element deficiency areas, and includes super high levels of all trace elements with the addition of Vitamin B12. A 5% phosphorus level makes it ideal for diets where high phosphorus is not necessary.

Ruminant 8: High Phosphorus

High phosphorus supplement with high levels of trace elements for use in areas of deficiency. The 10% phosphorus level is the choice for phosphorus deficiency situations often found in winter feeds.

Ruminant 9: High Magnesium

A high magnesium supplement with the added benefit of waterproofing for use in the prevention of hypomagnesaemia (grass sickness) at spring turnout. High vitamins and trace element levels are included, and can be fed to both beef and dairy animals.


Foot health problems can unfortunately be an all too common feature in high producing dairy herds. Sometimes good micronutrient nutrition is insufficient to prevent or help resolve serious problems.  Using trace elements as used in feed, but this time as a footbath has often been recommended along with good husbandry and well maintained walk ways.  Copper Sulphate and Zinc Sulphate can be used in combination with mineral salts and surfactants known for their anti-bacterial properties.

Ingredients:  Copper Suphate, Zinc Sulphate, Mineral Salts and Suffactants.

Recommended levels of 25kg into 200 litres of water of either trace element or one of our combinations been found to be effective


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