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Established in 1980, Target Feeds is still a family-owned company but has grown to become a leading authority in the animal feed industry.

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Through continuous research & development we continue to stay ahead of the field.

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News & Guides

  • Managing canine health
    26th September 2023
    Canine herbs play a vital role in the day- to- day lifestyle for dogs. With many health problems arising, owners have increasing concerns for their dog and look for different ways to either prevent or treat the issues. An easy...
  • Target Feeds Top Tip Tuesday- 19th September 2023
    19th September 2023
    Dogs can be fussy little feeders at times. This can be particularly challenging for owners when purchasing feed for their animal or when needing to administer medicine into the diet. On average a dog has around 1,700 taste buds (in...