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Established in 1980, Target Feeds is still a family-owned company but has grown to become a leading authority in the animal feed industry.

Research & Development

Through continuous research & development we continue to stay ahead of the field.

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News & Guides

  • Mycosorb A +
    17th June 2020
    There are many different known mycotoxins which can affect health, by feeding Mycosorb A+ ® this will help reduce mycotoxin absorption and contribute to the control of mycotoxins. Mycosorb is a patented yeast cell wall extract that offers superior binding...
  • Trace Element Footbath
    14th May 2020
    Foot health problems can unfortunately be an all too common feature in high producing dairy herds.   Sometimes good micro nutrient nutrition is insufficient to prevent or help resolve serious problems. Using trace elements as used in feed, but this time as a footbath has...