Animal Feed Research and Development

We can design diet formulas or manufacture to clients own. We can source all standard and non standard ingredients. Cereals are often sourced as single named varieties as well as country of origin. All sourced raw materials for a trial will be bonded for the period of the trial and often for a series of trials sometimes lasting for 12 months. If required, ingredients can be bonded for laboratory analysis prior to diet formulation.

All incoming ingredients are unloaded in secure conditions and held in tote bags or 25 kg bags.We do not use any bulk handling equipment. Trial diets for commercial companies and universities currently cover a wide range of species; incl.broiler,duck, turkey, layer, pullet replacement, pheasant, piglets,sows,growing pigs,sheep and cattle. Diets are manufactured for nutritional evaluation,product evaluation and disease challenge work. Feed supplements to balance diets can also be manufactured on site or extra nutrients ie vitamins can be added to standard diets.

We manufacture all diets as meals and cooperate on crumbing and pelleting with a partner company

With over 8 diet mixers to choose from treatment quantities can range from 10 kg up to 4000 kg. All treatments can be manufactured as individual formulas or as one basal sub divided into treatments by product addition through premixing. Minimum pelleting quantity for conditioning is 250kg. Temperatures are measured at conditioner and die and the available range is from 45/50C to 80/85C. Packaging can be in a variety of pack weights and bag colours and are always clearly labelled.

Post pelleting addition of powders and liquids are carried out in our own premises to maintain treatment integrity. We often receive finished pelleted feeds from clients that only require treatment additions via liquid spraying. We can deliver to clients premises on our own vehicles and dedicated hauliers to ensure accuracy and cleanliness is maintained throughout the trial progress from conception and design to manufacture and delivery.

Every trial diet manufacture is different and we aim to be as flexible as possible to accommodate clients requests setting up programme schedules prior to manufacture. Equipment is basic and accurate and labour input is high to ensure accuracy with flexibility whilst maintaining full treatment integrity. Full sampling procedures are standard and sample analysis can be arranged if required or despatched to specified laboratories at clients request.

Costs vary with each trial depending upon treatment volume, the number of procedures and the amount of set up time and work involved. As a guide only, costs often range from 3-5 times commercial diet costs. Individual estimates can only be given when full trial procedure details are known. This data can be useful as a guide to our facilities however an in depth discussion on all aspects of individual trial diet manufacture often highlights additional requirements that we are able to accommodate.