About Us

Target Feeds started in 1980 as Ian Hollows Feed Supplements, initially supplying feed formulations and technical advice, feed supplements and raw materials. Today it is still a family run business, with Ian Hollows still heading the company.

Ian has a background in animal nutrition, with extensive experience in agri-pharmaceuticals and in the UK poultry industry. He also has a strong background in farming, privately the family still run a pedigree herd of Holkin Beef Shorthorns.

Since 1980 the business has developed to incorporate a wider species range including commercially farmed, pet and speciality animals. Along with the increase in species type the range of manufactured products has increased accordingly, they manufacture finished feeds, feed supplements, piglet starter diets and protein concentrates.

Target Feeds are heavily involved in research and development, not only for themselves in the production of new products, but also working with international research organisations and UK Universities producing trial diets, designed with animal welfare issues, feed ingredients and pharmaceuticals in mind.

The company is continuously increasing species and product ranges, a recent example of this was when they were tasked with developing a method of carrying soluble drugs into Bee populations to combat the spread of the devastating European Foul Brood bacteria that has been attacking our Bee population. Target feeds solved the problem by introducing the drug into an icing sugar based carrier.

"Just a short note to thank you and Target Feeds for your excellent service. The speed and professionalism with which you dealt with our bizarre request ensured the supply of medication to Bees in Scotland. We estimate that 164,500,000 Bees have been treated in 4,700 hives! This could not have been done without your help.

Thanks again"

Helen Carty – Veterinary Investigation Officer SAC (Scottish Agricultural College)