Working Hound Meal

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Need Help? Fill Our Form Here Or Call Us 01948 880 598
Need Help? Fill Our Form Here Or Call Us 01948 880 598
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A high quality, nutritionally complete feed Target Working Hound Meal is specifically formulated for working dogs including Gundogs, Lurchers and Hounds that need a higher energy diet.

Containing a blend of highly digestible cooked ingredients designed to provide the correct daily levels of protein, amino acids and essential oils to help support stamina and condition during a busy season. Target Working Hound Meal is fully balanced in vitamins and minerals to help promote overall health. With a probiotic yeast to aid gut health and digestion.

Designed to be fed soaked as a stiff porridge as the sole complete feed, or at lower feeding rates as a flesh balancer when flesh is short.

Ingredients include Fish Meals, Salmon Oil and Probiotic Yeast Yeasacc 1026.

Made to order in our own UK mill.

Porridge Oats, Micronised Wheat, Micronised Maize, Fish Meals, Soya Hulls (GM*), Sugar Beet, Soya Oil (GM*),
Salmon Oil, Dried Yeast, Full Fat Soya (GM*), Hi Pro Soya (GM*), Probiotic Yeast Yeasacc 1026.  (GM* Produced from GM Soya)

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100g per 5kg of bodyweight.

Soak for 10 - 15 minutes before feeding, two parts meal to one part water to make a stiff porridge. Fresh water should always be available. Feed to activity and condition. Can also be left for a day after soaking to form a stiff cake.

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Nutritional Analysis
Crude Oils & Fats 10.25 %
Crude Protein 20.00 %
Crude Fibre 8.00 %
Crude Ash 6.00 %
Digestible Energy 15.50 MJ/Kg
Calcium 1.00 %
Phosphorus 0.75 %
Salt 1.00 %
Lysine 1.15 %
M&C 0.76 %