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Our manufacturing facility based in rural Shropshire is able to produce a wide range of feeds, feed supplements and concentrates for all commercially farmed species, together with a specialisttrial diet manufacturing facility.

We have equipment suitable for manufacturing batches from as little as 10 kilos up to 4,000 kilos. Each piece of equipment is designed to produce either a specific range of products, individual products and species-specific products.

We hold in stock an extensive range of feed ingredients, minerals, vitamins, trace elements, amino acids and enzymes; allowing us to easily facilitate standard and custom manufacturing.

We have a specialist trial diet manufacturing capability, where, as well as producing the finished diets, we can also produce the feed supplement requirements together with spraying equipment for the addition of liquid enzymes.

Our equipment configuration allows an infinite amount of flexibility. We are able to supply custom manufacturing facilities to national and international feed companies, for the manufacture of supplements, finished feeds and concentrates.

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