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Target Feeds makes the switch to green hosting to build a better internet!

Target Feeds makes the switch to green hosting to build a better internet!

We’ve turned our website into a force for good

Did you know that the internet has a comparable carbon footprint to the Aviation industry? It might be less visible, but a monumental amount of energy is required to cool the huge data centres which power the internet. We are proud of our website and we want you to feel at home on it. Therefore, we have teamed up with Verve, a B Corporation digital agency from Shropshire to make our website a force for good.

Our website does no harm

We have made the decision to move our website onto Verve’s transformative Green Hosting service. This offers all of the speed, security and performance you are used to enjoying on our website, but with none of the pollution. This is possible because all of the energy being used to power our hosting is 100% from renewable sources. In addition to this, the energy used is also offset. Verve are also a carbon neutral agency. The combined result of this a carbon neutral website powered entirely by renewable energy sources. When you are browning our site, your footprint is green.

Doing no harm was not enough

As a business we are committed to building a better future and investing in society, people and our planet. Doing no harm was a necessity, but with Green Hosting we are able to do much, much better than that. Thanks to Verve’s partnership with Ecologi, our website hosting is now directly responsible for tree planting efforts around the globe. We have our own dashboard where we can see how many trees our website has planted. We can also see where they are planted, and which projects we are contributing towards.

We are proud to be Green Hosted, and we hope you will continue using our website with an extra spring in your green, digital footsteps.

About Target Feeds

Here at Target Feeds, we pride ourselves on carefully selecting and sourcing only the highest quality ingredients from approved suppliers & aim to maintain this continuity of supply year in, year out.

Operating from a state of the art UFAS audited mill in Shropshire are quality control meets the highest UK & European Standards and we are approved under the UK Feed Hygiene & Veterinary Medicine Regulations.

Raw materials & finished products are regularly laboratory-tested to ensure that every product continues to meet not only ours, but also your high standards.