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Latest Development – Target Seeds

Latest Development – Target Seeds

Here at Target Feeds we have been working hard on developing our latest product range, Birds Seeds, to compliment our current product range of animal feed and ingredients.  After months of research we have selected only the best quality ingredients from approved suppliers  to help create the range, which have been carefully formulated to meet the requirements of wild birds.

Consisting of five different blends, Target Bird Seeds will help encourage a wide variety of birds to your garden.

  • Attract – with an aniseed aroma this is highly attractive, and as the seeds have been de-husked this allows the birds to feed quicker and easier.
  • Advance – our wheat free formula is ideal to use every season encouraging a variety of smaller wild birds to your garden.
  • Build Up – rich in Sunflower Seeds it helps provide high levels of fat and protein to support birds during toucher climates.
  • Energy Plus – this no mess mix creates less waste and helps minimise the chance of weed growth, popular with a wide range of bird species.
  • Flourish – providing essential nutrients it helps provide an excellent energy source, ideal to use from the moulting season through to rearing young birds
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About Target Feeds

Here at Target Feeds, we pride ourselves on carefully selecting and sourcing only the highest quality ingredients from approved suppliers & aim to maintain this continuity of supply year in, year out.

Operating from a state of the art UFAS audited mill in Shropshire are quality control meets the highest UK & European Standards and we are approved under the UK Feed Hygiene & Veterinary Medicine Regulations.

Raw materials & finished products are regularly laboratory-tested to ensure that every product continues to meet not only ours, but also your high standards.