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Keeping your garden cool for birds

Keeping your garden cool for birds

As the temperature rises this summer it is important to keep a close eye on your garden birds to help keep them cool.

Target Feeds offers the following top tips to help you care for your garden birds:

  • The extreme heat can cause many natural water sources to dry up, so ensure there is a good, clean supply of water for drinking and make sure you keep it regularly topped up throughout the day.
  • Unlike humans birds lack the ability to sweat, so as well as needing fresh water to drink they also need it to bathe in. By taking a dip in the water and shaking their feathers this will help their body temperature to cool down.
  • If you don’t have a birdbath try using an old washing up bowel or upcycle some old dishes and flower pots to make place for birds to cool down.
  • With many natural supplies like worms become scarce in the hot weather it is a good idea to offer our birds some supplementary feed like Target Flourish or Target Build Up to help delivery key nutrients.
  • In the warm weather do keep a close eye on any feed you put out, especially any homemade feed like fat-balls, as these can soon turn rancid in summer months and hygiene is extremely important when it comes to feeding your garden birds.
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