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Fungi Supply - Oak Pellets

Fungi Supply - Oak Pellets

Selected due to there superior quality, these premium Oak Hardwood Pellets are made from 100% Oak, with no bark or other woods are used making them ideal to use as a substrate for growing mushrooms.

Sourced from Ecologically & Sustainably Managed Forestry this Oak Pellet is also commonly used as a Heat Source in BBQ or Pizza Cooking and are classed as 'Food Grade'. This indicates & elevates the material quality beyond that used in Boiler Heating Pellets which are a much lower grade, often including bark and rotten wood.

About Target Feeds

Here at Target Feeds, we pride ourselves on carefully selecting and sourcing only the highest quality ingredients from approved suppliers & aim to maintain this continuity of supply year in, year out.

Operating from a state of the art UFAS audited mill in Shropshire are quality control meets the highest UK & European Standards and we are approved under the UK Feed Hygiene & Veterinary Medicine Regulations.

Raw materials & finished products are regularly laboratory-tested to ensure that every product continues to meet not only ours, but also your high standards.