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Game Bird Attractant

Game Bird Attractant

Do you have problems with your game birds wandering?  Do your neighbours use an attractant that may be attracting your birds?

Well no more.  Target Game Feeds are proud to offer our Game Bird Attractant to you directly.

Made from pure China Star Aniseed and Soya Bean Oil, simply apply to wheat, feed out and let nature take its course.

Game Bird Attractant is extensively used in the industry and offers:-

  • A persistent, strong, aniseed aroma
  • Keeps own birds in the feeding area as well as attracting wild birds.
  • When feed consumption of treated wheat (from hoppers) is compared to untreated wheat you will be amazed at the improvement just from adding Aniseed Game Bird Attractant.
  • A very cost effective solution to the age-old problem of keeping your birds where you want them.
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Here at Target Feeds, we pride ourselves on carefully selecting and sourcing only the highest quality ingredients from approved suppliers & aim to maintain this continuity of supply year in, year out.

Operating from a state of the art UFAS audited mill in Shropshire are quality control meets the highest UK & European Standards and we are approved under the UK Feed Hygiene & Veterinary Medicine Regulations.

Raw materials & finished products are regularly laboratory-tested to ensure that every product continues to meet not only ours, but also your high standards.